Umeå Beer Club


2024-04-30 Beer club: Cheese, chocolate and beer! 18:30 Boka
2024-05-29 Beer club: IPA, NEIPA, DIPA! 18:30 Boka
2024-06-15 Beer club: Midsummers! 15:00 Boka

Welcome to Umeå Beer Club, Norrland’s finest celebration of beer. Formed in early 2018, we hope to provide monthly gatherings to broaden your understanding of the world of beer. For each meeting we aim to follow a theme to show the diversity of the various styles of beer on the market today. 

A common question that gets asked about the Umeå Beer Club is “Do I need to know a lot about beer to come to a tasting?”. The answer is absolutely not! Our tastings are designed to people of all interests in the beer world, from experts to people who have never tried a beer before. Everyone is given time to analyse the samples themselves and make up their own minds before we discuss them as a group. No one is forced to give their opinions about the beer but it is always lovely to hear different view points. There is no membership fee either as you just buy tickets for the tastings that interest you the most.

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