Chris Cain with Mr Bo and the Voodooers


Chris Cain's jazz-tinged, blues soaked guitar and deep, warm vocals have the maturity and authenticity of bluesmen many years his senior. His expressive style is the result of a lifetime of study and the relentless pursuit of music mastery. His passion and intensity are a blend of his mother's Greek ancestry and his father's soulful black heritage.
"Nowadays most young blues players are Strat-wielding Stevie Ray Vaughan-a-bes. Not Chris Cain. With a voice that recalls B.B. King and a thick toned Gibson guitar sound reminiscent of Albert King, Cain is forging a unique style. With his own highly personalized songwriting, "Hall Of Shame" is a giant step in the development of one of the most compelling young bluesmen on today's scene."
-Larry Nager (syndicated Scripts-Howard music critic)

Inleder kvällen gör Headline Blues Band

On stage: 20.30

Arrangör: Umeå Bluesförening

Ordinarie 285 kr

Medlem i Umeå Bluesförening 265 kr

Längd: On stage: 20.30

Paus: Nej

Numrerade platser: Nej